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The GYPSI girl is filled with wanderlust and brings sunshine to all. When she decides it's time for her next adventure, she leaves a light footprint, travels with a worn out passport and her favorite bag of essential oils. With the clothes on her back, she's off to the next festival to meet up with her tribe. She follows the wind and travels by van, sand and sea. She isn't afraid to give her heart away, howl at the moon, or dance around fire. She's fun, flirty and has a laugh that fills your heart and soul. She's everywhere and she's nowhere.






For the GYPSI clothing collections, I use a variety of materials from organic cotton to organic hemp knit. I dye each garment individually with natural and low impact dyes. I’ve always had a deep desire to make a positive impact on this planet, so I intentionally design clothes as sustainable as possible.  To learn more about my design process, click below.

 The GYPSI body care line was created out of my own need for natural body products. For a long time I struggled with severe eczema and searched high and low for natural and affordable skin care for sensitive skin.

Now I offer handmade body butters, mineral makeup, essential oils  blends and self-care kits that are good for your body and soul. 


PRAISE from the gypsies

SIRI, 27

All the clothes I have from Shop Gypsi are my absolute favorite. Not only are they super comfortable, the quality and craftsmanship that goes into them are undeniably amazing!

GINA, 25

I need to know that the businesses to whom I am giving my money operate on a high level of integrity when it comes to ethics, resources, and customer service. I trust Gypsi because they are transparent about their process and product content, they are timely with deliveries, and they use compassionately sourced materials to make lasting, quality products. Companies like Gypsi set the standard for me as a consumer. 

TESS, 60

When I got my bamboo cotton shorts I didn't want to wear anything else. They feel great on and I love that they were dyed sustainably.

SKY, 22

First off, your body butter is absolutely delicious! I love that it's whipped! It smells Divine and even after having it for a few months it still smells good! It's helped me with my stretch marks! I have actually noticed that they are fading away a bit! Overall the best body butter I have ever found! 

Second, the blue indigo Tye dye shorties are my favorite shorts ever! So comfortable, cute and versatile! I wear them anywhere! Perfect for dancing, yoga, lounging around the house, and everyday wear!


Meow hehe. My little green fairy skirt was my absolute favorite!! It was my core garment last summer!!! Seriously matches just about everything hehe! I love it so much, very simple yet elegant design and I'm excited to get more delicious items in the future




Festivals are my favorite time of year for GYPSI. There's something magical about the tribe gathering together to celebrate life, music, fashion, the divine feminine and the world.


Each festival has brought new friends, collaborations and fond memories to the GYPSI booth. It's these connections that inspire me throughout the year to make more magical clothing to share with you in-person or on my webstore.


You can find me at some of the Hawai'i Island based festivals below. If you think a festival near you could use some GYPSI magic, please send me a message because as you know,

the GYPSI travels wherever she feels called. 



I never leave home without my PIXI by Gypsi essential oils. I keep them close to me because I feel better with them nearby. They remind me to take a deep breath, inhale gratitude and exhale anything that isn't serving my highest purpose. It's simple self-care tools like these rolls-ons that make a difference in my day and help me stay focused, centered and relaxed. 



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