Natural Body Care and Altar Essentials 

The PIXI line was created out of my own need for natural body care products. I would shop at natural health food stores, but I couldn't find anything that didn't include foreign ingredients.


Being someone who has struggled with eczema, it was important for me to use non-toxic products on my sensitive skin. After all, the body absorbs 60% of what you put on it.



With that said, my shea and cocoa body butter was the very first product I sold in the PIXI collection. This cream based alternative doesn't have water, alcohol or added fragrance, which makes it a very effective full-body moisturizer. Click here to get your body butters.



When I started to travel more, my inner GYPSI developed a need for aromatherapy to apply on road-trips, hiking trails, in my tent or on a plane; so I created a variety of essential oil roll-ons and small sprays to help me relax, wake up or rejuvenate on the spot. 




The sprays and essential oils are great on their own, or you can purchase them as part of The Altar collection to inspire your prayer, meditation, and self-care. The Altar Collection is a limited edition collection of smudge kits to clear the energy that gets caught up in our fast paced, 21st-century lifestyles. Click here to purchase a limited edition smudge kit.



The most recent addition to the PIXI by GYPSI line is mineral makeup. I wanted to create a product that didn't have chemicals, especially if I was putting them on my face and near my eyes. Now I offer shimmers in place of eye shadow and highlighter that are made from natural mica mineral powder. It's perfect for dance parties, festivals, moon ceremonies and everyday eyewear.



To see the PIXI by GYPSI line + The Altar Collection, click here.

Coming Soon: Healing Balms and Herbal Baths.




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