Take a deep breath and feel at peace. This cooling lavender mist is an essential for your purse, bedside table, and meditation. 



Mild, Pleasant, Sweet, Floral, Herbaceous  



Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Cooling, Calming, Peaceful, emotionally healing, encourages a good night's sleep




Keep this mist on your vanity, altar or purse for a calming aromatherapy experience throughout the day. The lavender mist is a lovely pillow spray, sure to get you sleeping deep in no time. (Pair with a lavender balm massage for the ultimate bedtime ritual) This mist can be used a body spray and is safe to use on hair and skin (avoid contact with eyes). Use this mist as a natural room spray as an alternative to chemical based room fresheners or incense. 

When used with intention, this magical mist can be incorporated into your rituals. Enhance the vibration of a space by anointing the self, altars, sacred items, clothing and rooms with this powerful mist. 




water, witch hazel, essential oil blend 

You would benefit from Lavender Spray if....

  • You could use help falling asleep and sleeping deeper at night. (pillow spray)
  • You are looking for something to help bring you calming, peaceful energy throughout the day.
  • You're looking to bring more third eye chakra healing into your life like, greater intuition, memory, clarity, releasing pent up energy to allow energy to flow through you easily, and connection with the divine.
  • You enjoy aromatherapy, and want to easily incorporate it more into your life.
  • You would enjoy having a powerfully charged spray to anoint your body, altars and spaces with.



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Solstice (Patchouli + Orange)

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