Center yourself before meditation or yoga with a mist of something sacred. 

Warm, Earthy, Sultry, musky, honey-like, exotic, subtle, euphoric, woody, creamy


Calming, Relaxing, increased sensual pleasure, alertness, heart energy, positive vibes, anti-anxiety, promotes healthier sleep, boosts memory function


Keep this mist on your vanity, altar or purse for a calming aromatherapy experience throughout the day. This mist can be used a body spray or room spray and can be safely used on hair and skin (avoid contact with eyes). Use this mist as a natural room spray as an alternative to chemical based room fresheners or incense. 
When used with intention, this magical mist can be incorporated into your rituals. Enhance the vibration of a space by anointing the self, altars, sacred items, clothing and rooms with this powerful mist.  


water, witch hazel, essential oil blend 


This spray would enhance your life if...

  • You're a yogi, meditate or have sacred rituals in your life that could be enhanced through aromatherapy
  • You're looking to bring more solar and sacral chakra healing into your life, like feeling passionate, creative, sensual, emotionally stable, and joyful most of the time.
  • You're looking for something to center you throughout the day.
  • You enjoy aromatherapy, and want to easily incorporate it more into your life.
  • You would enjoy having a powerfully charged spray to anoint your body, altars and spaces with.


Powerful ( ylang ylang, cinnamon, vetiver)
Sacred (Amber + Sandalwood)
Solstice (Patchouli + Orange)
Full Moon (Bergamot + Clove)
Wilderness (Geranium + Mint)



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