Selenite Hearts 

This special crystal is fast and effective at cleansing an auric field, whether it be your own or a client’s. 

Selenite is a helpful crystal in communicating with our angels, spirit guides and higher self. 

The chakras associated with selenite are 3rd eye(6), Crown(7), and aura chakras 8-14. 

Selenite can offer a spiritual activation for people and places that are experiencing stuck energy. It is very powerful in wand form and can be wielded as any other kind of wand is used. Body workers are encouraged to have a selenite wand in their toolkit when facilitating energy work. 

Use the selenite as an energetic “charging pad” for sacred jewelry, items, love notes, pictures, spells, whatever needs extra energy. 

Place a selenite heart on or near an ill loved one to help accelerate healing. Wave selenite wand over any body or item you wish to protect. 

Beyond aligning the chakras and auric field, selenite has a light and bright energy that is healing to be around.



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