The sweet and earthy scent of patchouli and orange will transport you to the summertime and the 60s. This blend is uplifting and grounding. The combination of patchouli and orange is perfect for anyone who likes patchouli but not how strong it can be on its own. 



sweet, citrusy, tangy, spicy, woody, intoxicating, dark, musky, earthy



grounding, balancing, calming, soothing, anti-depressant

mood harmonizing, anti-anxiety

mood enhancing, refreshing




Keep this mist on your vanity, altar or purse for a calming aromatherapy experience throughout the day. This mist can be used a body spray and is safe to use on hair and skin (avoid contact with eyes). Use this mist as a natural room spray as an alternative to chemical based room fresheners or incense. 

When used with intention, this magical mist can be incorporated into your rituals. Enhance the vibration of a space by anointing the self, altars, sacred items, clothing and rooms with this powerful mist. 




water, witch hazel, essential oil blend 





Powerful ( ylang ylang, cinnamon, vetiver)

Sacred (Amber + Sandalwood)

Solstice (Patchouli + Orange)

Full Moon (Bergamot + Clove)


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