After spending some time upcycling and using a variety of fabrics, I felt called to create a “sustainable from scratch” collection using one fabric from start to finish.


To be both economical and sustainable, I chose to work with an all white organic bamboo rayon to ensure that I could use every inch of the material. I love the texture of bamboo as well as its soft and stretchy nature paired with my plant based dyes.





  • Bamboo grows very easily without pesticides, making it a great resource for non-toxic fiber.

  • It's naturally soft and non-irritating to the skin; ideal for people with skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis. 

  • It has thermal regulating features which ensure your warmth in the winter and wicking properties to absorbs moisture to keep you cool in the summer.

  • Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent, kun, which prevents bacteria from cultivating on it and means it helps keep you stay odor free.





As soon as I take out the bamboo fabric, my sewing area becomes my altar, my place of deep meditation. I sing blessings into the fabric as I stitch which puts loving energy into the cloth. I think of my family, my friends, the world and YOU, my dearest gypsi; you are the person who gets to wear this garment in the near future and you are the reason I create.



I decided to try plant based dyes because I felt guilty for dumping unnatural dye water into my yard. A friend had told me about some ingredients the indigenous cultures used in South America, so I decided to do some research and started experimenting right here on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Some local plants I tried included fern, hibiscus, achiote (lipstick plant), and turmeric. I also used indigo and aztec clay. During the experience I loved the achiote because it reminded me of fire, indigo for the sky, and clay for the land. These are my signature dyes.

Each garment goes through a series of folds before entering the dye bath, to ensure that each piece has a one-of-a-kind pattern... and when it's done, the garment finds the person it was meant to be with.



The magic of upcycling is looking beyond the present state of a garment and seeing the potential of what it can be. Shirts can become dresses, dresses become shirts and everything in between.




Piles and piles of used clothing sits in landfills for decades trying to break down. This is not only detrimental to the land it sits on, but also to the air as it becomes filled with toxic chemicals.


Upcycling gives clothes a second (or third) chance at life in order become something magical again. 




Upcycling starts with second-hand clothing or fabric - this garment may have been gifted, found at thrift stores, or it could've come from my own closet. Regardless of its origin, I welcome it into my studio and process begins.


I start by burning sage throughout my studio to release any energy attached to the material. From there, I hold the garment and watch the way it flows so it can tell me which direction it wants to go.


Sometimes the piece will only require a few simple modifications, other times I will make bold cuts and add fabric; my goal is to honor the garment, and make it even more beautiful while I change its vibration. The final piece is bathed in crystaline energy so its new spirit can take its place. 




Custom Orders are accepted upon special request. Materials vary depending on accessibility, climate, and occasion.




Custom orders require a meeting to determine the designfabric, and measurements. Depending on the piece, you can provide me with material or in some cases we can shop for the fabric together (in-person or virtually). 

Please inquire by sending me a message about your vision and I will respond at my earliest convenience.






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